‘‘The Ester Plus (+) Face Serum is like no other face product I have ever tried. It's multi use as both a cleanser and a moisturising serum amazes me. I love it!

And thats not the best part about the Ester Plus (+) Face Serum. As a severe eczema sufferer, I have tried everything. Not only does this amazing
Serum cleanse and moisturise my face, it helps protect and heal my skin,especially when I'm suffering from an eczema break out.

Knowing I can always count on a product such as this is such a relief - as well as a joy! I love it! I want to tell everyone to try it as I am sure they will fall for it just as I have. ’’

- Bridget Pressley, , QLD

‘‘To the Twenty8 Team,
I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving your products. I purchased the Balance Hydrating Moisturiser, Toner and Ultimate Cleanser and the difference I have noticed is amazing! My skin is much softer and nourished and it feels fantastic. I also have the Healing Skin Boost which I use on blemishes and any dry areas and it seems to work wonders overnight! Another thing is the smell of your products are just divine and I love the feeling I get after using them, it’s very invigorating. The essential oil blends are gorgeous and I always get comments from my work colleagues whenever I wear them that they smell lovely. I can’t wait for my friend to hold her next Sparkle Party as I will be there with bells on – I already have my list of products I need ready to go. Thank you for producing such a beautiful range of products that are so beneficial to a woman’s body and mind. Keep on Sparkling!

- Cathi, , QLD

‘‘Working in health food stores Ive tried many many natural, organic, luscious (and tacky!) skin care ranges and I have to say, just feeling your regime on my hand - I was like WOW this feels INCREDIBLE (that's up against Dr Hauschka, Evohe, Muhkti, Jurlique, La Mav and more). I am loving the Daily Body Boost too. What I also love is what you teach with these products. I was going to order a cleanser but I thought why not grab it all. Best decision! ’’

- Christie, , QLD

‘‘I am an endorser and I am an affiliate of Twenty8, it is a product that I personally use and recommend to my clients, data base, facebook fans, friends and family. Changing Habits is based on trust and integrity and I only recommend things that I use and trust, to my clients. If I don't use them or I can't trust a company I don't endorse or have an affiliation. The integrity of Twenty8 products and purity of their ingredients is what I look for in food and have found in their skin care and essential oils. It is important for the health and wellbeing of people to not only look at what they eat and how they move their body but also what they put on their skin. For many years I have looked for a supplier that delivers what Twenty8 delivers and could not find anyone, I was thrilled to finally find someone who thought like I did about food, about skin care and essential oils. ’’

- Cyndi O'Meara, Nutritionist, Author and Speaker, , QLD

‘‘I feel alive again!! I've been using the instant calm and the energy & vitality synergy oils and I think they rock! I have also been using the instant calm on my husband every night for the past 5 nights and he too is loving it. Go the body boost. I'll have no trouble trying to stick to this ritual for at least 28 days. Looking forward to adding more oils and items from the skin care range to my precious treasure of goodies. By the way, thank you for your book and sharing your experiences and wisdom at the expo in Cairns. I am sure a lot of us would have taken some thing good away to think about. Thank you! ’’

- Debbie, , NSW

‘‘My husband and I are still doing the body boost every day and our little 2.5 year old gets a nice light rub with instant calm every night. (My husband is going through a stressful period at the moment and he notices that the instant calm certainly helps him wind down at night - if he is happy, I'm happy. Oh HAPPY DAYS! Take Care and all the best. What you are doing is amazing!!! ’’

- Debbie, , QLD

‘‘I love the Twenty8 products. I personally was so relieved to find a skin care and essential oil range that did not cause me reactions after a life time of trial and error. Since purchasing and operating an Organic Supermarket my respect for the Twenty8 products has only grown as I have trialled a number of other brands available. The therapeutic and unique quality of the oil blends and skin care range is consistently well above the standard and is a credit to the team in involved with these products. The brand is unique and I have no hesitation in recommending all of the beautiful products. ’’

- Edwina Kent, Move to Natural Food, , QLD

‘‘Twenty8 is a journey, its an education and it is about awareness. Your words have kept repeating through my mind all weekend and have contributed to and hope will continue to contribute to what has been and will continue to be a LONG journey to my very private recovery with my battle with severe depression! I feel great, I feel good, I feel inspired, I feel excited, I feel motivated, I feel energised, I feel capable, I feel like anything is possible, I feel the vibe of "can do" and most of all I am starting to feel OK with myself and know that I have the strength to work even harder at my journey and goal to be happy with ME! I realised that I am not perfect but I can be the perfect ME! I am excited about what I can do with the little bit of knowledge I inherited from your talk and the bigger mountains I can work towards over coming with knoweldge I am looking forward to gaining now I have discovered "Like Chocolate for Women" and "Twenty8". Thank you Kim I can't wait to start sharing the word so much so I get shivers of excitement in my insides! I look forward to hearing you talk again soon! ’’

- Jessica, Toowoomba, QLD

‘‘I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the cleanser now with the serum _ absolutely delicious. All of the products are amazing, I just wish they were here... Actually glad they are not then I get to keep this amazing Twenty8 secret all to myself! ’’

- Julienne, , UK

‘‘"My skin has never looked as good as it has since I've been using a fabulous product called Twenty8 - never been into toning but the spritzer is just fantastic! You should definitely try it. ’’

- Marama, , NZ

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