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Spoil your senses to a luxurious clay mask treatment or an Ester Plus face serum, our special chemical free face products to rejuvenate your skin and make you feel fresh.

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Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Rosa Damascena Flower Water


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Rosa Damascena Flower Water

100% Organic Hydrosol

Unlike most hydrosols which are pure healing waters produced during distillation, the Rosa Damascena Flower Water is produced exclusively using organic Bulgarian roses as a highly fragrant rose water. 


Directions for use: As the ultimate, natural and most effective facial skin toner spray 3-4 times directly onto the face to nourish and hydrate.

To help heal and soothe any skin condition spray 3-4 times onto the effected area and allow to dry.

Spray 3-6 pumps into the air as an air freshener and around the head to cool and hydrate, clear the air and increase focus and mindfulness. 

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