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Being happy means bringing out the best in everything. Our organic pure essential oils bring out the best in YOU with their revitalizing aromas and calming effects. Feel free to browse through our collection of pure essential oils online.

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Lemon Pure Essential Oil

Lemon Pure Essential Oil

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Lemon  – Citrus Limon  10ml

A gorgeous citrus oil known for its uplifting, cleansing, brightening and clearing properties. Lemon is renowned to aid in balancing oily, congested skin and to help ease varicose veins. It is a wonderful immune booster making it perfect when colds and flu are present and is especially helpful for increasing mental alertness. If you want to increase productivity and reduce mistakes then vaporizing this amazing oil is proven to bring results.


 Twenty8 offers the finest, organic essential oils available on the planet today. Chosen for their exceptional therapeutic properties for use on the body, especially when incorporating the daily body boost ritual, these oils offer extensive benefits in all areas of one's life. Their renowned psycho-aromatherapy characteristics also greatly enhance the way you think and feel within seconds. We proudly claim these oils to be the best you will ever find. 

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