Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator Program

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  • A new challenge
  • An opportunity to enhance and transform your own life
  • Feelings of improved well-being
  • How to easily & effortlessly go chemical-free
  • The key to succeeding in any area of your life
  • The opportunity to create additional income streams
  • A deeper connection with self
  • The tools and knowledge to influence your friends, family and community to live a life of wellness
  • Permission to ALWAYS put yourself first without feeling guilty


Kim Morrison is a mother, world-record holder, 5 times best selling author and founder of Twenty8 chemical-free skincare. She was the youngest ever female to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours and she is dedicated to sharing her lessons of achieving the impossible, overcoming self-imposed limitations and shining in your darkest hours.

An advocate and genuine example of "showing up," Kim knows that success in any endeavour is 90% mental and 10% physical, but she also knows how intimidating that 10% physical can seem.

She developed the Health & Lifestyle Educator and Twenty8 Consultant Business Program to give any person with a deep desire to be and live their best version of self and advocate health and wellness for others, whilst creating a successful and profitable self-managed business a platform through which to succeed that is proven and works.

I just wanted to write and say how awesome each of you are and how much I am LOVING being a part of the HLE Program and group. I feel like you are all becoming my besties around Australia and NZ and I cannot wait to meet you all at the graduation as I feel we all have so much in common already. I am loving learning about how to heal not only with food but with these incredible oils. So a huge thank you to you Kim Morrison and your team for bringing us all together. I cannot wait to continue supporting the amazing ripple effect that Kim has begun and empower women all over the country to prioritise their own self-care, health and wellbeing. Love and hugs!  AC
I am completely blown away at what a privilege it is for me to be a part of this HLE Program. I honestly did not think I was worthy but my goodness I am learning to love myself and be so proud. Tears of gratitude and many loud squeals of shear joy to be a part of this amazing team as I write this note. Thankyou for teaching me to believe in me so in turn I can keep reminding those who forget like I did. I never realised how much these oils and skincare could impact my life. I am in awe!  RS
I never realised how much doing a program like this would raise the bar in my own business, my home and in my personal life. I am using the oils daily, my clients are enjoying the passion I have and now I feel so excited and confident to share with them how much these powerful blends and products can help. I have cleared out anything chemical, I have made self-care a priority and even though some weeks I have been really challenged with "life" I realise the underlying messages you teach are exactly how to navigate those highs and lows we each go through in a powerful and positive way - and to never ever give up. Wow! I actually get it now! What you teach is truly inspirational Kim and you do it so effortlessly and subtly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for pushing me to do this. You were right... it is exactly what I needed and I will be forever grateful for all I have learnt and what I am now doing.  AJ


The Twenty8 HLE Program is a nationwide training program aimed at improving the health and wellness of the individual, their family and community through the use of essential oils and ritualised aromatherapy practices.

The HLE program will guide you through a series of online workshops and e-learning modules that will educate you on the power of smell, the use of smell for creating permanent change and achieving anything you want and how to use oils and aromatherapy to transform your life. Then you will be educated as a Twenty8 Consultant, empowering you to take these learnings and build a new income stream as a Twenty8 Consultant and reseller.

The entire course curriculum has been developed as a collaboration by leading authorities in the health and education fields internationally and is founded on the latest research and cutting edge techniques for personal growth and achievement.

HLE Program


  • Online training modules that include video presentations, cheat sheets & information guides
  • Scheduled coaching and support from Kim Morrison, author, educator and director of Twenty8
  • Free attendance to all Kim Morrison Twenty8 workshops and trainings held across Australia for 12 months after registration
  • Twenty8 Products delivered to your front door (valued at over $1,000):
    • The Ultimate Aromatherapy Kit
    • Complete Age-Defying Skincare Kit
    • The 28 Day Program CD
  • 'Like Chocolate for Women' by Kim Morrison. An International Best seller
  • ebooks and surprise bonus gifts throughout the program
  • Wholesale buying option on Twenty8 core products
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Complete Essential Oils Pack
  • Complete Skincare Kit
  • Complete Body Boost Kit
  • Oil Vaporiser
  • LCFW Book
If you are ready to improve your health and wellness, then enquire today!
To be able to live a truly wholistic life whilst also creating a business that never feels like work is a dream come true. To be able to share that passion and exquisite products with other like-minded people that feed your heart, mind and soul is phenomenal. I am already making a difference. I feel so proud and excited to be part of this team.  EK
It is like using liquid gold every day on your face and body. It feels like I am nourishing every single cell right to the very core of my being. The thought and attention that has gone into creating Twenty8 is felt with every product and I honestly feel I cannot get enough.  FD


  • Intensive Aromatherapy & Chemical free living training
  • Modular learning system with video, email and one-to-one support
  • Exclusive access to Kim Morrison and Twenty8 HLE coaches
  • Exclusive access to private forums
  • Complete business training and resources to ensure your ongoing success
  • In-person training days
  • After program support
  • Exclusive attendance at selected Kim Morrison Trainings for 12 months after enrolment
  • Access to the exclusive Twenty8 business support team to ensure your business success
  • Additional bonuses
HLE Program
If you are ready to improve your health and wellness, then enquire today!
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