Twenty8 Guides

Below are our 'How To' guides so you can learn how to use our beautiful products effectively and make sure you are loving yourself in the best possible way!


Product How To's

HCG-Diet-Ritual HCG-Diet-Ritual (496 KB)

How To Use How To Use (55 KB)

Twenty8 Aromatherapy Rituals Card Twenty8 Aromatherapy Rituals Card (747 KB)

Twenty8-Daily-Body-Boost-Ritual-Card Twenty8-Daily-Body-Boost-Ritual-Card (973 KB)


Twenty8 Manifesto

The Twenty8 Manifesto is an inspirational download that we would love you to have. Feel free to print it and put it somewhere as a daily reminder to love yourself... we know you want to!

Twenty8 Manifesto For Living Twenty8 Manifesto For Living (1370 KB)


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