“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel”  Eleanor Brown

“Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” M. Scott Peck

Time seems little and life feels so busy. The world we live in today is vastly different from even 10 years ago with more opportunity, more exposure and more pressure to do.

It is time to STOP the glorification of “BUSY” and get back to honour the power of “BEING”. It is time to care for the self. Life is an adventure, one that to enjoy we must be present in. Life is YOUR adventure and that means that YOU must be enjoying it – LIFE SHOULD FEEL GOOD.

“How you are treating yourself is how you are inviting the world to treat you”

I invite you to take a moment – just a micro-moment – and start to FEEL good again… in your body, in your home, in your relationships, in your mind, in your work and in yourself.

I invite you to start AROMA LIVING…

Self-care and self-love are two concepts that have gained much use in recent years with the explosion of the wellness and self-development industries.  It is quite common now to hear that if you want to improve your health, relationships, work, self-expression and enjoyment of life the first step is to love you first.  And at some deep level we all know that this is a truth with a capital T but here is the roadblock, HOW exactly do we LOVE ourselves, I mean what does that even look like?

Knowing how to love you best is quite personal as no-one person is the same. What feels good for some might feel like a chore to others and so there is no “drink-a-kale-smoothie-meditate-in-a-sauna-and-enjoy-euphoric-feelings-of-love-about-your-self,”universal solution. There is however a universal (and well-researched and documented) knowingness that when a person dedicates time to self-care they reap numerous benefits including:
  • Reduced feelings of stress and anxiousness
  • Improved concentration & productivity
  • Heightened sense of self-esteem and confidence
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved health
  • Weight loss
  • Happier relationships
  • Deeper feelings of joy and contentment
  • Lots of other fun benefits including better sex, better sleep, bouts of giggles and an increased desire to smile
My life (and the life of those in the near vicinity of me) transformed when I learnt how to care for myself in simple ways with the help of some special tools from nature – Essential Oils!

Essential oils offered a path to self-care that was easy, effortless and efficient. All of a sudden self-care was not hard because now I had tools that when used = self-love in action. Brene Brown says that love is an action, which is good, because I am good at taking action.

The more I learnt about self-care, studied essential oils and worked with clients to establish natural patterns of care the more I  realized that the problem with self-care and self-love as concepts is the pressure we create around them and the endless list of how it (they) can be interpreted.  It broke my heart to see so many friends, family, colleagues, mothers, and children and well, just generally people struggle to be kind to themselves when there was a quick, simple and easy solution.

I was immediately inspired to change the perception of self-care as selfish and give my sisterhood the secret to filling their own cup so that it overflowed and they could give more to others (with a genuine smile).

My motto is “Self-care is not selfish. It's essential”

Using essential oils as the tool, I developed quick “micro-moment” (think 5-10 minutes) care routines that supported the self to heal at multiple levels simultaneously. So, while the oils therapeutic qualities supported my physical body, their aroma and silky feel started working on the emotional and mental bodies and this, with my desire to serve my friends, family and community was why I developed the Aroma Living Program.

The AROMA LIVING PROGRAM has been specifically designed to support you to improve the quality of care that you give to you and build foundations that have your cup overflowing so that you can love, serve and give more to your people, your work, your passions and your world.


  • Learning SIMPLE and EASY techniques of self-care that create fulfillment
  • Having easy daily, weekly, monthly rituals that take no longer than 5 minutes
  • Knowing what to eat and when for radiant skin and abundant energy
  • Loving your exercise routine and wanting to work out everyday
  • Having confidence that what you put on your skin & body is actually good for you and supporting you in optimal health and wellness
  • Feeling nourished, loved and abundant after only 28 days
  • A life where you always have time for YOU, time to indulge, pamper and care for YOU and still look after everyone you love (with a smile).

The AROMA LIVING YOU program is your invitation to living a life that prioritises YOU, so that you can GIVE MORE to the ones you love.



Kim Morrison is a mother, world-record holder, 5 times best selling author and founder of Twenty8 Essential Oils & Chemical Free Skincare. She was the youngest ever female to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours and she is dedicated to sharing her lessons of achieving the impossible, overcoming self-imposed limitations and shining in your darkest hours.

An advocate and genuine example of "showing up," Kim knows that success in any endeavour is 90% mental and 10% physical, but she also knows how intimidating that 10% physical can seem.

She has developed the Aroma Living 28 Day Program so you have a toolkit that enables you to make change and implement her foundational philosophy of Self Care which will enable you to be the best you can be for yourself and those around you.


The Aroma Living program consists of 3 phases. Phase 1 and phase 2 are pre-program ‘preparation’ phases designed to create a solid base foundation that you can then build new habits and behaviours from. The first 2 phases are shorter in time leading into the “28-day Aroma Living” phase. The program has been designed to support you to create long-term change whilst simultaneously reducing the toxic impact of the modern world and subsequent stressors in your life.

Phase 1: De-clutter (2 days)

Clutter is debilitating. Most of us ‘get’ that, but not all of us are terribly good at doing anything about it. For some, thinking about throwing things out is as terrifying as asking some girls to give up wine or chocolate! There’s a whole bunch of advice out there, beginning with those sensible instructions to designate boxes either ‘charity’, ‘rubbish’, ‘keep’ or ‘unsure’ and then telling us we must make up our minds about what we put into the ‘unsure’ box within a week ... or else!

Phase 2: Detox (5 Days)

The body Detox is designed to give you a good start. It will prepare and clean the body; eliminate toxins and generally get your body ready to be filled with fantastic life-filling nutrients.

Phase 3: Aroma Living (28 days)

The Aroma Living program is designed to support you to create daily, weekly and monthly rituals that reduce the impact of toxins on your body, refuel you in all areas of life – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically and drastically cut the negative effects of stress.

You will learn YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT as we teach you all about food 101 - what to look for, what to avoid and the basics on how to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for the whole family quickly!

You will also learn that YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR! From shampoo and conditioners to moisturisers, perfume, make up and more. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in to your body... It could also be the culprit of that extra weight you can’t seem to move, less than amazing skin and hair and feelings of irritability and overwhelm!

Lastly we will teach you that YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO. From daily exercise and movement to rituals of self-care, meditation, self-talk and more, we will show you how to make your boring routines into fun, indulging rituals that light you up from head to toe and soul to sky!

Aroma Living Program


  • Aroma Living Tracking Guide eBook – To keep you on track all the way through and guide you to
    understand your needs on a deeper level
  • Aroma Living Food eBook – A complete food  & pantry guide as well as a recipe book filled with
    natural, simple, easy and effortless meals that will nourish the body and delight the senses
  • Aroma Living Rituals eBook – A complete guide to self-care rituals that are fast, efficient and indulgent.
    Think you don’t have time to look after yourself? Think again!
  • Aroma Living WOD’S eBook – your complete workout guide that is filled with simple daily workouts
    that are fast, easy and fun! Some are only 5 minutes in total!
  • Exclusive Access to the Aroma Living Chat group on FaceBook!
  • Aroma Living Tracking Guide
  • Aroma Living Food
  • Aroma Living Rituals
  • Aroma Living WODS


Option 1 - Aroma Living eProgram for $197.00

You will receive -
  • Aroma Living 28 Day Program eBook valued at $197 including -
    • Aroma Living Tracking Guide eBook
    • Aroma Living Food eBook
    • Aroma Living Rituals eBook
    • Aroma Living Wods eBook

Option 2 - Aroma Living eProgram & Aromatherapy Starter Kit for $330.50

You will receive -
  • Aroma Living 28 Day Program eBook valued at $197 including -
    • Aroma Living Tracking Guide eBook
    • Aroma Living Food eBook
    • Aroma Living Rituals eBook
    • Aroma Living Wods eBook
  • Aromatherapy Starter Kit Valued at $133.50

Option 3 - Aroma Living eProgram & Aromatherapy Ultimate Kit for $682.00

You will receive -
  • Aroma Living 28 Day Program eBook valued at $197 including -
    • Aroma Living Tracking Guide eBook
    • Aroma Living Food eBook
    • Aroma Living Rituals eBook
    • Aroma Living Wods eBook
  • Aromatherapy Ultimate Kit Valued at $485.00

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