Meet the Creator

Kim Morrison is a health and lifestyle educator, environmental health coach, author, aromatherapist and founder of Twenty8 Essentials chemical-free skincare and essential oils.  Kim developed her skills in aromatherapy alongside tactile therapies, homeobotanical therapy, fitness consulting and personal training.

With extensive research and dedication, she continues to create products that come under the 'ethically natural' category. She is passionate about affordable, natural, chemical-free products with high grade ingredients, that when combined - actually work!

It is her mission to see people acknowledge their strength and beauty, take responsibility for their health and well-being, constantly challenge their potential and take good care of themselves. And although she gets told everywhere she goes that the two biggest reasons why people don't take care of themselves is because of time and money she knows it is actually more about making yourself a priority. Consider these products and programs as your new professional reminder to do just that!

A Note From Kim...

'This is how Twenty8 was born. It began in 2000 when Fleur Whelligan and myself wrote a book on self-care and aromatherapy and called it Like Chocolate For Women.  It was a vision of combining our professional know-how with ideas and real-life situations, plucked from both our own lives and those of our clients and friends, that we hoped would benefit thousands of women just like us. We did it, and it was received with great excitement. We toured and spoke to women in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa to find that all women identify with the same needs and desperately want tools to help them achieve the balance and happiness they crave in their own lives. We endorsed many chemical-free natural skincare and aromatherapy ranges that we believed has the same values and expectations as we did.

In 2004 we wrote our second book 'Like An Apple A Day' where we focused on the mind, body and skin which lead us to writing our third book 'About Face' in 2006, which in all honesty got quite stuck into the beauty industry. Sadly almost a third of that book did not get to print as it was considered liable. We were gobsmacked - we were just telling the truth about what ingredients the beauty industry allowed and what they said that simply wasn't true! We were on a mission. Whilst writing this book we realised the Beauty Industry could be classified into three categories:

The Psuedo- Naturals - The products made by the companies in this category make up the bulk of the beauty industry. They tend to be luxurious, smell fantastic and with long shelf lives are a manufacturer's dream. Through clever marketing and lots of glamour they capture a sense of beauty that makes them highly irresistible. Many products may contain herbal extracts or botanicals so that the product appears natural, however they also contain ingredients that I feel are on the questionable list. Most of the 'big' name companies are in this massive category.

The Naturals - The companies in this category are committed to being as natural as possible, utilising some of nature's finest ingredients. However, minimal as it may be they still contain some ingredients, which could be considered questionable, mainly in the form of preservatives or fragrance. They are committed to producing as high-quality natural products as they can.

The Ethically Naturals - These companies are at the cutting edge of blending nature and science together to create natural, highly potent, botanical products. Their products deliver, and contain no artificial chemicals, unnatural preservatives or synthetic fragrances. The good news is there are many companies now striving and working towards being on this platform.

With six books to our name we knew the dream of ours to have our OWN aromatherapy and skincare range was not far away. Finding a manufacturer committed to the same values was proving our challenge. But when you are open to the possibility the opportunity arises. I am, and will forever always be, grateful for the values, integrity, authenticity and talent of our amazing manufacturers who are based in Perth, WA.

In 2009 we had a newly written, self-published book named 'Like Chocolate for Women', but this time combining all our written work into one easy, dip-into book. This book is your self-care bible, your support and even your refuge as you face life’s many challenges.  

It was in this same year of launching this book, and after a ten year dream, we proudly launched our own Australian made and manufactured chemical-free Aromatherapy and Skincare range called Twenty8 - where we wanted to provide an affordable yet luxurious, ethical and chemical-free range of skincare and aromatherapy products easily accessible online to everyone. It was seriously a dream come true and to have a manufacturer as highly regarded and committed as ours was also a huge blessing.


Why Twenty8? I have taken photos of the number 28 for years. Maybe it is because it is my birth date!! But we also know it takes 28 days for skin cells to renew themselves, we know it takes 28 days to create a habit and we are governed by 28 day cycles... 28 just kept coming up!

For personal reasons, in the middle of 2012 Fleur made the tough but ultimately amazing decision to return to live in NZ with her beautiful daughters. She left the business altogether to start on a new adventure - including her gorgeous 'Vitality Health & Beauty Clinic'. Although she has gone and we miss the daily contact hugely, what we have learned through all of this is to truly appreciate the amazing tools that we have preached about for over twenty years and to give each other our love and blessings for the next chapter in our lives!

So what is Like Chocolate For Women and Twenty8 - and who am I now?

I live and breathe what we have written about in these books, created in these amazing products and everything shared on this website, yet I too feel I am a student of life, forever open to learning and adjusting my sails. I don’t know it all and don’t pretend to — that’s what the journey of growing is all about! The Twenty8 team and I simply look forward to continuing to soak up new things and sharing what we can with others.

We asked a whole lot of people what does beauty mean to you? The feedback was amazing. 8 year old Charlie said 'Beauty is makeup'. 8 year old Lennox said 'Beauty is no makeup'. My beautiful grandmother at 87 years of age said 'Beauty is when someone is truly kind from the heart and they mean it!'... My absolute favourite was from a wee 6 year old girl Mia who said 'Beauty is being yourself but with a sparkle!'. Wow - if a 6 year old can get it where do we become so lost? She is so right, it's not about age or looks, its about that spark, that inner light that defines beautiful. I love what she says so much it is actually the bi-line of Twenty8.

My goal has been and always will be to create products that light this spark and make us feel truly good about ourselves. That is the power of essential oils and natural chemical-free skincare, that is the power of Twenty8. Welcome - I truly do look forward to meeting you and hearing what you think of these amazing products." 

Kim Morrison

Founder & Creator 

PS. I would really like to acknowledge a lot of the images and photography on this website and in the books I have written and co-written. Many thanks to Luci Harrison and Suzanne Hall in NZ, and Leanne Harrison in Australia. I would also like to acknowledge our beautiful web hosts and creators OMC Connect. Your creativity and skill has helped capture these messages beautifully. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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