Natural Skincare for the 4 Phase fat elimination protocol

For the thousands of people who have completed the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol - or for those embarking on it - you will know it is unacceptable to use skincare products on the face or body that has oil in it... and guess what? The majority of skincare ranges out there definitely have what is considered to be 'oil' as the base, including our original range.  
We both did the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol and whilst parts of it were indeed a challenge what we really struggled with was no skincare or body care. We tried going cold turkey but it didn't work for us. We looked into so many oil-free products it wasn't funny. And then any we did find they either had a multitude of ingredients we didn't really understand or were loaded with chemicals, or were from overseas sites, there didn't appear to be anything local and as natural as we would like. Even Dr Simeone himself recommended mineral oil or baby oil as the best product - but we can forgive him as he wrote that over 60 years ago. We know the effects mineral, petroleum based products like this have on the skin and our health. And we didn't want it. There had to be something that fitted our criteria.Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol

We also knew we must be able to tap into the power of natural, chemical-free, pure plant essences otherwise known as essential oils. Essences like this have the ability to regenerate and revitalise the skin cells as your body changes and resets its metabolism. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated substances taken from the plant with very high therapeutic value and due to their concentration they must always be diluted before application to the skin, as this delivers these therapeutic substances efficiently and effectively into the cells. 

We kept thinking how clever nature is, there must be something natural and simple we can use... And it was right before our eyes!! When our beautiful Manufacturer, Megan turned around one morning and said to us - what about jojoba, we just about died! Jojoba is a fluid wax, not an oil. One of our favourite mediums. We needed to investigate.

If you would like to know more from our close friend and Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol advocate Cyndi O'Meara Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol for everything you need to get started NOW!


Ester Plus range of Skincare interview with Kim Morrison and Dr Sherrill Sellman

Dr Sherrill Sellman from What women must know and Fat loss Australia is a Naturopathic Doctor, psychotherapist, journalist, international lecturer, contributing writer to numerous health magazines and radio host whose focus is to offer practical, safe and effective solutions to the myriad of health and hormonal issues challenging women of all ages. She has written a number of books including Hormone Heresy and The Promise of Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. Here she interviews Kim on why she created the natural chemical-free Twenty8 Ester Plus range of Skincare and how it is so perfectly suitable for the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. Click here to listen to the interview.



This page includes information on:

What can I use on my skin during the Protocol?

While on the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol your body is undergoing dramatic changes. Some people are happy to drop all skincare and use no products at all during this programme, however for many suddenly stopping all skincare and nourishment to the skin leaves the skin vulnerable to accelerated aging and feeling quite dry and taut. Since our skin is the largest organ of the body and plays an important role in our health, we believe it is vitally important that we offer nutritional support to the skin while on the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol not only on the face but on the body as well.
In all our research, questioning, testing, reading and sourcing we had a major a-ha that day Megan phoned... Of course the best delivery system which supports skin hydration and protection from the environment without allowing the body to ingest fatty oils during the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is beautiful Jojoba. This stunning liquid wax ester does not get absorbed into the body or processed like normal oils. This is what Megan Larsen (one of the world’s most sought after natural skincare creators and manufacturer’s) says:

‘Jojoba oil is about 97% unsaturated waxy (not fatty) esters.  These waxy esters are very similar in composition to a number of the compounds found in our natural skin sebum (which contains about 22% of waxy esters).  Therefore it can closely mimic our own natural skin oil. Also the molecular structure of jojoba oil is too large to permeate in to the blood stream, but the plant essence/essential oil synergy blends will permeate through to the skin cells to help to keep the skin looking alive, hydrated and plumped, hence limiting any skin deterioration or unnecessary aging.  

Jojoba oil is unique because the oil is not composed of fat but of liquid wax. In scientific terms, waxes are esters of long chain fatty acids  with long chain monohydroxyl alcohols, whereas fats are esters of long chain fatty acids with glycerine. Being composed of mostly wax esters means there is little likelihood of the oil's deteriorating. Jojoba is ideal for use in cosmetics because of its molecular stability and its natural moisturising and healing properties. Jojoba's resistance to oxidation means that it does not require additional chemical preservatives. It is suitable for ALL skin types, whether dry, oily or sensitive. Out of all of the compounds in nature, this wax ester is the most similar to human skin oil (sebum). It is theorized that applying jojoba to the skin can 'trick' the skin into thinking it is producing enough oil, thus balancing oil production. Jojoba is also classified as non-comedogenic - it does not clog skin pores. It is the most ideal natural chemical free product with huge benefits to the skin and body whilst undergoing something like the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol.’

Because Jojoba sits in the skin and acts the same as the skins natural sebum, it can stabilise and protect the skin from moisture loss and environmental stress, while not interfering with the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. It is the perfect 100% natural chemical free skincare medium to help deliver powerful plant essences to the skin and boost your transformation to one of optimum health!

What is Jojoba? I thought it was an Oil?

There is a lot of confusion with what oils are and what can be used during the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol, many Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol advocates and doctors will avoid any ingredients they class as an oil and opt for synthetic ingredients instead, like a mineral oil. We are passionate about skin health and providing the best natural chemical-free nutrition for the skin. If you are going to go to the trouble of doing something as radical as the Protocol which basically takes you back to a hunter gatherer type of nature diet then it makes sense to use products in the same way - from nature - for the skin. Jojoba is one of nature's magic ingredients and research now shows us and proves how effective it is as a skin protectant. In our work with leading scientist and skincare specialist Dr Greg Clark (PhD in Plant Biology and Bio-Chemistry) we discovered exactly how amazing this plant oil is. This  is how Dr Greg describes it:

‘Perhaps the easiest way to describe what Jojoba oil is, is to highlight what it is not.

Although composed of lipids Jojoba oil is not composed of triglyceride fats or oils, the most abundant lipids in nature, but rather is composed almost entirely of high molecular weight, long chained, unsaturated liquid wax esters.

Unlike triglyceride fats and oils primarily stored in plant and animal fat cells as readily hydrolyzed and oxidizied energy stores, the liquid wax esters of Jojoba seeds are not easily oxidised and can remain chemically stable for years. In general the high degree of stability of wax esters appears to underpin their role in nature being primarily involved in moisture control and photo-protection in both animal skin and plant surfaces.

An example in human skin is the wax ester composition of sebum which functionally serves an important role in maintaining skin hydration levels. Used on the skin the wax esters of Jojoba seeds are readily miscible with sebum to impart a non-oclusive dry emolliency that reduces transdermal water loss without blocking trans-epidermal respiration. Being unsaturated, the long chained wax esters of Jojoba seeds are able to penetrate deep into the surface of the skin but due to their high average molecular weight do not permeate through the stratum corneum and are unable to enter the capillary network of the cutaneous blood system. Thus the wax esters of jojoba are not absorbed into the body or circulated through the blood stream but remain in the skin to support the function of sebum to maintain moisture, suppleness and enhance the flexibility of the skin.

The role of the wax esters is in the protection of plant surfaces and animal skin, as opposed to the role of the usual triglyceride based seed oils used as storage fats and oils. The products Kim and Fleur have created - the Ester Plus (+) Face Serum and Ester Plus (+) Body Serum and the Toner Concentrate are perfect for helping to support the role of the skin’s natural esters - or sebum - in the skin whilst on a no-fat diet. In other words these products will not only nourish the skin without penetrating into the blood stream, but they will also protect it from moisture loss.’

Essential Oils and the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol.

Many cultures dating back centuries have understood the power of essential oils extracted from plants to heal and restore a balance to the body. Long before prescription drugs were our mainstay, people used plant oils (also known as plant essences) to heal many illnesses and emotional disorders, in fact they were often the main treatment prescribed for stress, sleep disorders, anxiety, food cravings, skin disorders, depression and energy fluctuations.

These plant essences are what we call the 'life force' or 'blood of the plant', they are the aromatic compounds that are responsible for the plant aroma, they are not typical oils as we know them, they are more like alcohols and up to 100 times more concentrated than the plant source they are extracted from.

Essential oils work in two ways. The first most powerful way is when we inhale their high quality therapeutic aromas.

The odour molecules travel up the nose to a patch of nerve cells located above the eyes called the olfactory bulb, smells go to the higher brain areas that are responsible for conscious discrimination and to the more primitive areas that control emotions.

More and more studies are helping us understand the mystery of smell and its relationship to the brain. Smell is a chemical sense. When a person’s olfactory receptors are stimulated, they transmit impulses to the limbic system in the brain. This part of the brain deals directly with emotions. That’s the reason why certain smells remind you of places and times or people, or you get a ‘feeling’ with certain smells. This is also why certain plant essences that we smell can effect the way we think and feel in seconds including helping us to feel more grounded or uplifted, less stressed or more relaxed.

For many the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is a challenging and sometimes rather emotional time as the body’s cleanses, loses weight and adjusts to fewer calories and no fat in the diet. Whilst some can feel fantastic, better and even energised by the diet many can feel vulnerable, sensitive, grumpy, stressed, tired, hungry, annoyed, angry, resentful... a multitude of thoughts, feelings and emotions! It is important to find as many support mechanisms and anchors as we can as we go through these emotional highs and lows so we stay on track and keep grounded and focused on the end goal.

Through the gentle, yet powerful stimulation of the limbic system, moods, emotions, and other effects on the mind and body can be manipulated through scent. Since the fastest way to change our emotions is through our sense of smell, this sense is our most primitive, yet most influential of all! Our brain’s feel good chemicals (serotonin and endorphins) are released through certain aromatic scents which is why we have included certain essential oils in the Twenty8 Ester+ Skincare range. Don’t ever underestimate their effect.

Just remember true Aromatherapy can only be practised using 100% pure essential oils (plant essences) it is the only way to ensure that the desired result will occur. Synthetic oils do not contain the therapeutic properties of quality essential oils and can cause rashes, headaches and other physical irritations, so it is important to be aware of what you buy. Even natural organic essential oils can be second grade. You need to find reputable companies that are conscious of such issues.

The second powerful way these plant essences work is through the skin.

Until a few decades ago, the skin was thought to be almost impermeable but modern research has changed all that.  We now know that a lot of what we put on the skin enters the body system, many into the blood stream! It is interesting how components of essential oils can be detected in exhaled air after 20-60 minutes of topical application!

After extraction by distillation from its plant source, the plant essences molecules that remain are small enough to penetrate the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and the smaller they are, the faster they are absorbed. The molecules pass through the deeper layers of the skin (dermis) and enter the blood stream through the capillaries from where they are taken to various parts of the body. Depending on their specific biochemical characteristics, the molecules bind to cell receptors within the body and work as a tonic for the body’s systems.   While traveling in the body, the oils also act to revitalize and detoxify organs involved in metabolism and drainage (kidneys, liver and lymphatic network). This is exciting for those on a detox, cleanse or the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol.

Since they are all-natural compounds and work synergistically with the body, essential oils do not deposit themselves in the cells and are expelled from the body through sweat, urine and exhalation within 24-48 hours.

On a more surface levels as they work into the skin they provide the cells with a good dose of anti-oxidants and healing benefits. Every essential oil is anti-bacterial and antiseptic to some degree, many are anti-inflammatory and some are anti-viral. They stimulate the cells to detox and they deliver essential trace elements into the tissues. The Ester Plus (+) Face Serum and the Ester Plus (+) Body Serum are the perfect blend of plant essences to help the body eliminate fat, detox and cleanse the system.

Daily Body Boost On the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol

Honouring your body whilst on the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is one of the most powerful ways to accept and embrace your new YOU!  Applying only a small amount of Ester Plus (+) Body Serum each day all over the body will help to detox, tone and revive you not only physically, but it can give an emotional anchor, support and balance. Harness the stress-busting and enlivening ritual of the Daily Body Boost each and every day especially whilst on this programme.

A minute of self-nurturing is all it takes.  Close the bathroom door on the world, create your personal oasis and breathe!  This one-minute ritual is all about YOU and kick-starting a fantastic day as you abide by the protocols… here’s how to make it so …

Your Daily Body Boost is performed by – you guessed it – you! It all happens just after your morning shower (ideally after your gentle morning exercise programme if you are still doing one). You need your Ester Plus (+) Body Serum, Magnesium Health Spray and your damp, naked body!

Twenty8 Magnesium Health Spray.

Magnesium is a trans-dermal spray traditionally used to slow the aging process, relieve pain, discomfort and illness and promote health and wellbeing. It is also fantastic for muscular aches and pains, swelling, bruises and skin conditions when sprayed onto the affected area and rubbed in gently 3–4 times per day. Magnesium is very healing for sun damage, acne and skin rejuvenation when sprayed once onto the hands and applied to damp skin at night (you can dampen the face using the Therapeutic Toner) followed by the Ester Plus (+) Face Serum. For insomnia use at night, rub into lower legs and top of feet. For colds, flu and general health maintenance use once a day behind knees and underarms. For a sore throat spray 3x into a small amount of warm water and gargle. For ingrown hairs spray into the effected area. It is a straight salt so can sting if used on open skin, which is why we also recommend adding it to your body or face moisturisers or serums.

You can see Magnesium is a versatile and wonderful addition to your health routine and our most favourite way of getting Magnesium into the body is via the Daily Body Boost. Simply add 3 full sprays to your teaspoon of Ester Plus (+) Body Serum and apply as directed below.

Although deep tissue massage is not suggested on the protocol this Daily Body Boost ritual is more of an all over light lymphatic-drainage type of application, light and easy. You will need only one teaspoon, maybe even less, for your whole body. Remember less is best here. You want to look glowing not greasy so test for yourself how much is ideal for your body. This Body Serum is already specifically pre-blended with exquisite essential oils of Geranium, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver all designed to help your body accept the changes in your diet, help the body to detox and cleanse and to support you to feel fantastic throughout the day.

Place a teaspoon of oil into the palm of one hand, add 3 sprays of Magnesium. Rub your hands together and apply by firstly patting all over the body to distribute. Now is the time to bring awareness and positive self talk to EVERY part of your body! Starting at your toes massage over the skin and muscles with light pressure to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, thanking your beautiful legs for getting you around each day.

Work your way up each leg honoring it as you go, thanking them, work into your tummy in a clockwise direction to support digestive function, up over the hips and buttocks and then into the lower back telling yourself how fantastic your body is for all that it does.

Work as far as you can up the back and across the shoulder blades, then work down the length of each arm. Finish with feathering upward strokes into the neck and base of your head. Remember to acknowledge your gorgeous, healthy, fit body for all the work it does with digestion and housing all those amazing organs and being grateful for ALL the things you have, not the things you don't have or don't like... No more negative self talk - this ritual is all bout the new, energised and proud - YOU!

Now take a long deep breath. Cup your hands over your face and inhale the natural aroma on to your face and in through the nose. This is a great chance to visualise your day and tell yourself how incredible you really are. You can say something powerful to yourself, ‘I am strong’, ‘I am healthy’, ‘I believe in ME’, 'I embrace this new programme with all my heart and soul', ‘I am alive and well’.  Ask yourself what you want ‘more of’ in your life - and believe you will get it.  

We recommend you commit to this ritual every morning while you are on the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol through ALL four phases... we also know that  this will help create a positive habit for life.  Familiarise yourself with your body, remember to honor it for its function and rewarding yourself for its beauty, rather than its imperfections. Your body is a temple – treat it like one! You will be hooked for life.

Body Brushing

Whilst on the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol gentle body brushing can also help remove dead skin cells and help replenish new ones. You can wet or dry. Take a natural bristle body brush into the shower or bath as it is a fantastic way to revitalise tired, dry or taut skin. Add 2 drops of the Detox & Strengthen Synergy Blend and rub the brush over the entire body avoiding the face whilst the skin is wet. Rinse under the shower or in the bath, avoiding the use of soap, then pat yourself dry. You can also try dry brushing your skin first thing in the morning then applying your daily body boost blend. Either are effective it comes down to personal choice.

This simple body boost ritual is allowing men and women to accept who they are, love who they are and enjoy being who they are. It is not often that we take the time to honor every part of our body and be grateful for it, mindful of the unnecessary negative chatter that occurs many times a day. The usual tendency is to berate the body or knock it. This is an ideal way to stop those self-sabotaging beliefs we have accumulated over time and create new positive ones - for life. The Daily Body Boost is changing lives. Just taking a minute or two every morning to honor yourself is making yourself a priority and saying you care. It is also a fantastic ritual during the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol as you get to know, accept and love your new body.  Not to mention how good it is for your kids, partner and friends to see you do this, as you are their greatest role model and you are telling them all you are worth it.

How Stress, Diet and Emotions Can Effect the Skin

A lot of stress research is focused on the impact of major life events, but some psychologists believe there is another type of stress that is equally damaging to already over-burdened people. It is the ‘daily stress’ in life: getting children out the door to school, trying to get too many things done in not enough time, inconveniences such as a bus running late, being stuck in traffic when trying to get to a meeting or constantly chasing bad debts, even the foods we are eating, particularly if they are highly processed foods causing inflammation, can be a damaging form of daily stress.

Things that drain your energy take up a lot of time and leave you feeling frustrated, annoyed or angry. Often by attempting to do too much and not get things finished you are left feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled, eating on the run with fast foods or nutrient deficient foods can cause major problems for many. This ‘time stress’ or, as the Japanese call it, ‘hurry sickness’ can create all kinds of stress-related problems: premature aging, eczema, dermatitis and acne, which are common skin disorders, irritable bowel, digestive issues, weight gain or loss, muscular aches and pains, chronic fatigue and migraines. If stress is constant and you feel like you are always ‘full on’, then that is where it starts to affect our health, how we look, feel and how we age!

When we're under stress, our body naturally produces hormones from our adrenal glands to give us increased energy to meet the ‘challenge’.  This is natural and all good! It's what we call the fight or flight response. However constantly live in that ‘fight or flight’ mode and you will start to see fine lines and wrinkles due to the stress of premature aging; muscle loss and saggy skin; fatty accumulation contributing to cellulite; belly fat and other health problems.

The stress response originates in the hypothalamus deep inside the brain. The hypothalamus also processes emotions, memories, basic feelings and desires such as hunger, thirst, anger, panic and pain; that is, it processes both physical and emotional sensations. It makes sense that an event which threatens your sense of confidence or security — like losing your job or receiving news that your child is in trouble — can throw your hormones into the same response as a broken bone or a near-miss accident.

The "stress hormones" we're referring to are the three main hormones that are released by the adrenal glands, sometimes it can be hard to know what exactly they do so here is a brief overview:
Adrenaline, or epinephrine, was the first hormone discovered and is the one most people are familiar with. In moments of stress, adrenaline is responsible for increasing heart rate and blood pressure, and for increasing blood flow to the muscles, including the heart.  Once the stressful moment has passed, the adrenals should be signaled to stop production of adrenaline and the body returns to normal - unless of course we are living in a constant full on and stressful state.
Cortisol, along with adrenaline, is the hormone that helps the body cope with stressful events.  Cortisol produces quick bursts of energy, increases memory function, and lowers pain sensitivity.  Unfortunately, with the continued and heightened levels of stress that many people face today, cortisol levels can constantly remain high.  This negatively affects the body by impairing brain function, decreasing muscle tissue that causes saggy skin, lowering immunity and inflammatory responses, and increasing abdominal fat. It is not uncommon to notice an increase in belly fat when you are under a lot of stress - this can be caused by a marked and continual increase in cortisol.
DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is the hormone that works to balance the potential adverse effects on the body that can be seen with higher levels of cortisol.  In research studies, DHEA has been shown to improve memory function, boost energy levels, and reduce fat production.  Most importantly, DHEA appears to protect the immune system from some of the cell damage caused by aging and disease.  It is known as the anti-aging or youth hormone.

A few more points to consider when it comes to DHEA:

DHEA exists in the body in higher quantities than any other hormone. Levels in the body peak around age 21 and slowly decline over the years. DHEA production can decrease 80-90 percent by the age of 75.

Levels of DHEA production in the body vary according to stress, fever, sudden low blood sugar, and disease states. DHEA levels are lower among smokers than among nonsmokers, and lower among heavy drinkers than among non-drinkers. Birth control pills and other synthetic hormones also deplete DHEA.

Abnormal patterns of DHEA accompany and often underlie several disease states and dysfunction.

DHEA regulates diabetes, obesity, carcinogenesis, tumor growth, virus and bacterial infection, stress, pregnancy, hypertension, collagen and skin integrity, fatigue, depression, memory and immune responses.

HIGH ADRENALINE levels interfere with sleep and can actually result in feeling fatigued or run-down.  HIGH CORTISOL levels increase belly fat, and hampers regeneration of new, healthy skin cells. LOW DHEA levels contribute to premature aging and muscle mass loss. Optimum health comes ideally, from a balance of these three stress hormones!  It helps us stay younger, leaner and have healthier more glowing skin.

Both our physical and emotional health is adversely affected by stress. Because stress cannot be completely eliminated, we must learn how to guard our bodies and minds against the harmful effects of stress. The Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol is a fantastic way to help change the way our body’s react to and deal with stress

The Twenty8 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol Skincare & Wellness Protocol

The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol takes commitment, discipline and desire. The results can be amazing and your new found awareness of your body and your eating and skincare habits is invaluable. The Twenty8 Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol has been designed to give your skin the best support during your transformation. And it is quite different to anything else you will see on the market. Some will even say controversial.

One thing we really struggled with on the protocol was finding natural, healthy, skincare products that did not contain ‘oil’ in it! Oh don’t worry there are plenty of oil-free products on the market we could have brought, but we could not find any that did not have the nasty chemicals to go with it or that were available in our own country. Even Dr Simeone suggested Baby Oil as the ideal product to use on the skin whilst on the programme. We freaked reading that knowing Baby Oil is a petroleum based, synthetic, mineral product that has nothing natural about it. In fact scientists trying to find cures for arthritis use mineral products like this to give rats the arthritic condition. We are not prepared to be lab rats and use such a thing on our skin, regardless of what it said in the protocol 'rules'.  It was a real challenge - as far as we could see - no oil meant chemicals, natural meant oils.

So we did more and more research and asked many experts in the natural skincare world and were excited to confirm an exquisite natural product we COULD use with our beloved essential oils. And thanks to Megan and Dr Greg in particular we have embraced an exquisite base in Jojoba.

The essential oil and jojoba blends create therapeutic quality skincare and aromas that will anchor you to a feeling of health and indulgence as you care for your health and skin... and you have the knowledge that you are supporting your body with 100% natural chemical-free products that deliver results.  The best thing of all is that it is quick and easy! You only need one product to cleanse, nourish and protect the face, yes that is right, one product that is enhanced by the Spritzer Toner and one Body product! And there are a couple of Booster products you can use too, in Magnesium Health Spray and the Detox & Strengthen synergy blend.

The Ester Plus (+) Face Serum, the Essential Toner and the Ester Plus (+) Body Serum are the perfect three natural chemical-free products you need for the face and body whilst on the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol.

You see Jojoba is the most versatile ester-rich, fluid wax, it can be used as a cleanser and moisturiser and is a valued sebum protector.

The TWENTY8 Daily Skincare Protocol provides the skin with moisture, hydration and therapeutic doses of plant essences which are your anti-aging powerhouses.

Detox & Strengthen Synergy Blend

One of our favourite essential oil synergy blends for this protocol is Detox & Strengthen.

Juniper, Rosemary, Spanish Cypress, Lemongrass, Grapefruit Pink, Black Pepper and Rose are all activating oils to help boost the body's ability to cleanse and detox and ideal to support weight-loss. This combination is the kick-butt body and mind blend to give you strength and endurance through any challenge. A powerful blend to call on when you need that added stamina and fortitude. The essential oil of Rose gives this blend an added dimension as Rose is the oil for self love, TLC and self-respect. It is also the oil to call on when feeling anger, resentment, fear, sorrow, guilt and frustration.... and hey... maybe a number of these feelings will pop up during the protocol which is why this blend is so powerful!!

We love to use about 6 drops of this blend in a vaporiser in the home or at work. We enjoy using a few drops in a bath at the end of the day and we love placing one drop onto a tissue and carrying the aroma with us as an anchor to feeling strength and resilience. It is especially great when you are feeling flat or challenged or have a feeling of giving in. Call it your life coach, personal trainer and good supportive buddy! With the right attitude it is a robust combination of oils you can call on during the protocol with confidence.


An exquisite serum containing jojoba fluid wax, rich in esters to protect the moisture component in the skin, blended with specifically chosen essential oils to cleanse, nourish and balance the skin's sebum without absorbing fat into the bloodstream. It is your ideal cleanser too as it gently removes makeup and impurities easily and effectively. Light, versatile and beautiful to use the Ester Plus (+) Face Serum used with your Therapeutic Toner is your ideal multi-functional skincare companion whilst on the protocol.

Jojoba sits in the top layers of the skin and acts the same as the skins natural sebum, stabilising and protecting the skin from moisture loss and environmental stress, while not interfering with the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. It is the perfect 100% natural chemical free skincare delivering powerful plant essences to the skin and body to boost your transformation to one of wellness and optimum health.

Ingredients:  Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Cymbopogon Martinii (Palmarosa*), Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli*), Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium), Citrus Aurantium (Neroli), Jasminum Grandiflorum (Jasmine)

Directions for use:

Cleansing - simply place 4 drops of your Ester Plus (+) Face Serum into damp hands and massage gently all over the face (it is safe over the eye area). Once massaged in well compress off using a warm face cloth, rinse and compress another 2 times. Lightly pat the skin to take off excess water. Sprtiz the face with the Twenty8 Toner to make skin damp and prepare the skin for moisturising.

Moisturising - apply 2-3 drops onto fingers and spread, then pat all over facial area applying a fine film of product, then smooth out with fingers from centre of the face in an outward directions (this stimulates lymphatic flow).


This is one of the most important rituals you could do for your skin whilst on the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. Toning completes the cleansing process by aromatically soaking the skin, this also prepares the skin to readily receive the vital nutrients from your Ester Plus (+) Face Serum. Your toner is a powerful blend of therapeutic essential oils designed to use in a compress or in your spritzer that help balance and regulate oil flow, stimulate cell growth, exfoliate and soften. A product that will transform your skin, with specific therapeutic qualities that support your emotional and mental wellbeing whilst on the programme! This concentrate comes with a 50ml Spritzer Bottle.

Ingredients: Cypressus Sempervirens (Cypress), Cymbopogon Martini (Lemongrass), Prunis Dulcis (Almond), Lavendula Augustifolia (Lavender), Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium), Alcohol, Soy Lecithin, Tocopherol (Vit E), Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang)

Directions for Use:

Place 4 drops into a basin of warm water and compress your skin with a cotton face cloth 3 times. Or you can use the Toner in your Spritzer Toner Bottle. Simply fill the 50ml bottle with water and add 4 drops in total of the Twenty8 Therapeutic Toner. Shake well. Sprtiz the face 3-6 times after cleansing with the Ester Plus (+) Face Serum, then apply a few drops of the Ester Plus (+) Face Serum onto damp skin. This is excellent to use throughout the day to keep skin refreshed and toned.


The Ester Plus (+) Body Serum is a beautiful combination of jojoba fluid wax, rich in esters to protect the moisture component in the skin, blended with specifically chosen essential oils to nourish, tone and balance the skin's sebum without absorbing fat into the bloodstream. This is the perfect serum for your daily body boost ritual to help stimulate weight-loss and bring awareness to your new, healthy and dynamic body.

Jojoba sits in the top layers of the skin and acts the same as the skins natural sebum, stabilising and protecting the skin from moisture loss and environmental stress, while not interfering with the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol. It is the perfect 100% natural chemical free skincare delivering powerful plant essences to the skin and body to boost your transformation to one of wellness and optimum health.

Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium), Cedrus Atlantica (Cedarwood Atlas*), Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang*), Vetiveria Zizanoides (Vetiver)

Directions for Use:

After your morning shower (or before you dress) place 1 teaspoon into the palm of one hand. Massage into the other hand. Now apply a fine film of this blend over the whole body from head to toe. Please note it is best for the Ester Plus (+) Body Serum to be applied onto damp skin.

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