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Podcast - UC 103 - Habits of Happy People -Part1

 This is the first part of a three part series on the habits of happy people.  Cyndi found an article on the web called the 22 habits of unhappy people and decided to reverse the habits for a more positive spin on the article.  Carren, Cyndi and Kim talk about these happy habits and how to achieve them, in fact they set a challenge for all listening in to focus on one of these habits each day.  This week the habits include; 1. Stop complaining 2. Create experiences 3. laugh at 5pm 4. Stay in the present 5. Don’t wait to be happy 6. Enjoy hobbies 7. Eat healthy.  Kim attaches an essential oil to enhance each of these habits.  Listen in and start your happy habits today.  ... Read More.

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Podcast - UC 102 - Tim and Ness and Marriage

With one in two marriages ending in divorce and many people living in relationships that are not fulfilling, the Up for A Chat girls invite Tim and Ness back to talk about values of partners, needs of partners and how to keep a marriage fun, loving and intimate.  All three girls are mesmerised by the knowledge of Tim and Ness, it’s an insightful 1 hour and 40 minutes with some home truths and great advice. ... Read More.

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Podcast UC101 - Tim and Ness and the Relationship with Self

Tim and Ness Join the Up for A Chat girls to talk about relationships. When we think about the word relationships we think about one with other people, but Tim and Ness say not necessarily they believe that the relationship you have with your self is the most important. Once you have a great relationship with yourself then other relationships become easier. Kim, Cyndi and Carren talk with Tim and Ness about the rituals that are not only important for self-love but also the rituals of marriage. ... Read More.

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Podcast UC100 - An Interview With Lis Kent

The Y generation is known to expect everything for little work or nothing, but Lis Kent, a switched on 23 year old defies that stereotype. There are so many young women and men that are not sure of their path in life, the key is to keep trying and moving until you find your lives’ purpose and passion. The interview with Lis goes through the trials and tribulations of our youth looking for their life’s purpose.  ... Read More.

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