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How To Honor, Love and Embrace Your Skin

This weeks blog post is all about SKIN - what it is, what it does and how to look after it! ... Read More.

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Podcast UC 144: The Wellness Summit 2015

The Truth On Natural Toothpastes

Cleaning our teeth is a daily ritual performed by most at least twice a day. It is said to be a good thing to do before sleep and right after getting up and out of bed, because we want to ensure we get rid of the toxins that have built up throughout the day and night. And it’s fair to say if we spend a bit of time each day doing this then we may well need to look at what we are putting onto our pearly whites each and every day.  ... Read More.

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Podcast UC 143: Dr Wayne Todd - Sympathetic Dominance

Dr Todd is a chiropractor and diplomat of neurology he has been in practice for 28 years. His knowledge of the Sympathetic Dominance (high stress) and what it does to the health of the body is now beautifully written into a book called SD Protocol. The questions are fired at Dr Todd by Kim and Carren, they see sides of themselves in the SD. Without a doubt this is the most eye opening interview yet. It is recommended to listen a few times as the concepts are revolutionary and could just be the answer to some of your health problems. Not only will you hear what is SD but you will find the answers to what to do.

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