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Podcast UC 130: MINDD Your Family

Is Gluten Present In Skincare?

With an increase in gluten sensitivities and things like Celiac Disease on the rise it is a common question to be asked if gluten is present in skincare. I set about to find out what the experts know and this was their interesting response.  ... Read More.

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Podcast UC 129: Breaking a Habit

This week the Up For A Chat girls are off around the country training and speaking! So this week, we flash to an oldie but a goodie. We have one of the top 3 most downloaded episodes for you to enjoy… How to break a habit. Habits help us in our daily life, but they can also be our undoing. Learn the five top ways to break and create habits &  be blown away by the girls revelations and connections between the gut, heart and brain. Discover how our subconscious (now known as the “unconscious system”) is what creates rules of thumbs that determine our habits both good and bad.
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Podcast UC 128: Amanda Rootsey

This week the UFAC girls get to hear from an incredibly special soul, Amanda Rootsey. Amanda is an eco model (working exclusively with ethical, vegan and eco-friendly businesses), she is a blogger, life coach and mentor for teen girls through her program Shine From Within. Amanda was diagnosed with cancer at just 24 years of age. Throughout this interview we hear her story on how she came to terms with the shock of it, survived through it, became friends with the gorgeous Jess Ainscough and now thrives in a very positive, healthy, beautiful, gentle approach to life. You will not want to miss this interview… and you will be left feeling like you want to just give yourself a huge gentle hug!

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