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Stress Is A Distorted Relationship With Time

‘Stress is a distorted relationship with time!’ John O’Donahue ... Read More.

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What Does Beauty Mean To You?

 ‘Beauty means makeup’ says 7 year old Charlie. ‘Beauty is no makeup’ says 8 year old Lennox. When you ask children what they think beauty is their answers are so pure, to the point and so innocent. ‘Beauty is my mum and my dad.’ ‘Beauty is God.’ ‘Beauty is compassion.’ ‘I think beauty is nature.’ There is so much meaning, yet so few words are needed. It is the truth, from the heart and so real. ... Read More.

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Oxygen Mag Editorial

I felt very honoured and humbled to be asked to write an article on my thoughts around Aromatherapy by Oxygen Magazine recently. As you know I love all things fitness and this mag certainly gets you fired up and excited about being fit and the best you can be. I know aromatherapy has helped me to be the best version of me and I found writing this gave me goosebumps. Aromatherapy is one of the most versatile and incredible therapies. It is easy, effective and natural. With a few simple rules and following the recommended number of drops for each method of use you can be 'doing' this therapy every day in every way. I sincerely hope you get to enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed writing it - please share as it gives a brief introduction and overview of what this magical modality is all about!

This article is in the November 2013 edition of Oxygen - it is on the shelves now! Enjoy! ... Read More.

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The Wellness Summit Highlights

Some of you may know that I was a part of the Wellness Summit in Melbourne in August to a sold out crowd of 600 wellness enthusiasts. The day featured The Wellness Guys - Dr Damian Kristof, Dr Laurence Tham and Dr Brett Hill, The Up for a Chat girls - Cyndi O'Meara, Carren Smith and Kim Morrison, Sweet Poison author David Gillespie, holistic dentist Dr Ron Ehrlich and more.  ... Read More.

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