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Podcast UC 139: Leadership

In this day and age of Mummy bloggers, health star food ratings, astroturfing by unscrupulous corporations, it is confusing as to what is the truth and what is there to merely sell a product and increase the profits of corporations that may not be in the interest of the health of the people but rather in the interest of the share holders.  How do we know?  Education and critical thinking and being a leader rather than following what everyone else is doing may just be the answer.  Listen in as Cyndi begins the topic with the New Food Star Rating and Carren finishes with us once again down the rabbit hole.

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5 Ways To Find Your Health Mojo

Being healthy takes energy, commitment, passion and an insatiable thirst for self-care. Whilst we may not always stay on track - and get distracted at times - there is no doubt that being committed to your health and believing you are worthy of that commitment is one of the most assured ways to stay healthy for life. If you strip it back it is simply about taking action and knowing that every day we have new choices and a chance for new beginnings. You just have to stay friends with your health mojo! ... Read More.

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Nourishing my family with a ‘Drop of Love’

This weeks blog post is by Annwen Candy one of our Health and Lifestyle Educators who is based in Perth, WA. Her article Nourishing My Family With A Drop Of Love bought tears to my eyes and shows how a little kindness with essential oils can go a long long way! ... Read More.

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Podcast UC 138 : A Young Change Agent Rachel Favilla

Rachel Favilla is an enthusiastic, eloquent, passionate, driven young woman who passed up schoolies to come and see Cyndi, Kim and Carren in Mooloolaba for a weekend retreat; Awaken the Change Within.  Of course this impressed the Up For A Chat girls and they wanted to learn more about her.  Listen in on this amazing conversation where an adverse situation in Rachel’s life has inspired her to learn and teach others about health. ... Read More.

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