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Podcast: UC 113 How a Thought or Dream Becomes Reality

 It’s funny how the podcasts start.  The Up For A Chat girls have a topic and then the topic takes them places they never expect.  Today was no different.  Cyndi is talking about her next adventure in creating a documentary and the steps she took from the initial thought to it now being a reality with top name health professionals from all over the world saying yes to an interview.  From there Kim and Carren talk about the steps to making anything a success.  Listen in and be amazed how a thought becomes a reality. ... Read More.

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Podcast: UC 112 Paleo- To do or not to do

The Paleo Diet is all the rage at the moment, so Kim and Cyndi (without Carren – she is a vegan!) decided to talk about what it is, how it is helping people and why it is working so well to change health and weight issues. Most people think the Paleo approach is a fad, but in actual fact it is closest to the diet that humans lived on for thousands of years before the invention of the grocery store. Going Paleo is not just about what you eat either – it is about your entire lifestyle, including sleeping patterns, movement, human connection, sunlight and much more. Listen in to understand the science behind this recent shift in thinking and find out how you can create a Paleo lifestyle in the modern world.
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Podcast: UC 111 Matt and Chelsea Horner - A Chiropractic Journey

 Matt Horner is the third generation of chiropractors with no less then 13 in his family.  He was born at home, bought up with a vitalistic lifestyle, free from antibiotics and medications and adjusted by his father regularly without any visits to a medical doctor.  He then meets Chelsea, someone with a different out look on life, health and upbringing.  How do two people come together with two different philosophies and find a place where the philosophies about health, bringing up children and love don’t become the deal breakers in their relationship.  Chelsea and Matt are about to have their third child.  All their children have been born at home, so listen in on a story about love, home birth, chiropractic, health, drug-less upbringing and fun.  ... Read More.

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