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Podcast UC 134: Silence

Health is a combination of many things, including good food, movement, sunshine, connection and even quiet time. But how do you quieten a mind and life down in this hectic, information pact life we now live. Carren holds the fort here and takes Kim and Cyndi on a journey of how to quieten the mind. By the end of the podcast you to will have the skills to stop the mind and calm both mind and body. An episode not to miss.
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Top Tips For Natural Hair Care

Like the skin, the hair reflects inner health and well-being. If you are eating well, getting adequate sleep and feel good about yourself, chances are your hair will show this. Medications, ill health, stress and fatigue can all affect lustrous, healthy hair, leaving it dull, hard to manage and you having a ‘bad hair day!’

Regular visits to the hairdresser can do wonders for your soul! It’s time out and there is nothing nicer than having your hair washed by someone else. But keeping hair healthy does not have to take a lot of time or money. Treatments at home are also effective and beneficial. ... Read More.

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Podcast UC 133: Nicole Hannan

Nicole Hannan is a Naturopath on the Gold Coast and has a special interest in children’s health. It’s amazing that a mother will probably do a better investigation then the CIA when it comes to their children. Nicole has an amazing survival story to tell about her daughter who was unable to keep any food down including Nicole’s milk, and no one could tell her what was happening. Through persistence and probing and research and food challenges her daughter is now 6 and able to eat more than 40 foods. A miracle considering her start in life.

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The Truth Behind Labels, Additives And Numbers

Knowing how to read nutrient labels will help you to make better food choices when shopping. Marketing slogans that call a product ‘healthy’ or ‘natural’ can make a food sound a lot better than the ingredients would merit. Often when we are too busy we believe what is written on the front of the package, rather than taking the time to read what is actually on the back. For example, popcorn is considered a great low-fat snack. However, if you buy the microwave or prepared versions, you will find they can be a lot higher in salt and fat than if you buy dried corn and pop it yourself.  ... Read More.

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