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Skin Care Rituals For Younger Healthier Looking Skin

Once you have your basic daily skincare regime sorted, you may want to supplement the skin with different rituals for younger, healthier looking skin. Whether you have oily, normal or dry skin you can still suffer from dehydration (a lack of moisture) causing little fine lines and tightness on the surface of your skin. This is common with people who travel a lot or who work in air-conditioning, and there are times when all skin types get sluggish and need a good exfoliating treatment and massage. ... Read More.

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Autumn Skin Care

Autumn is the cooling off of the summer heat and brilliant colours of the changing leaves.   ... Read More. Read More

Podcast UC 124: Primalmum

This week The Up For A Chat girls talk with Leanne Anders otherwise known as Primalmum. Leanne has two children who have PKU, a genetic disorder that prevents the amino acid phenylalanine from being broken down which then builds up in the the brain and causes mental retardation. Every child when they are born is tested for PKU and if the result is positive then a special diet will help prevent the adverse affects of this genetic disorder. The chances of a child in Australia having PKU is 1 in 10,000. Leanne takes on the role of the mother of her two children with PKU with education, understanding, responsibility and grace. Listen in to one amazing mother talk about how she not only deals with two children with PKU but her philosophy as a Primal Mum. ... Read More.

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Podcast UC 123: Tanja Mitton

 Tanja Mitton is a Neurolinguistics master coach and Mindset Coach for the Australian High Performance Dressage and Para Squads.  Carren and Cyndi are fascinated how Tanja uses horses to show people that we respond to people how we feel about ourselves and how horses give instant feedback by responding to teach you  how you are feeling and acting.  It’s a quick feed back loop that shows perception is projection.  Listen in on this fascinating life perception changing podcast. ... Read More.

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